Thursday, 17 February 2011

Simple Summer Dress

I have had this amazing fabric saved just ready for a summer project and thinking I needed to cheer up in this dismal rain the UK is giving us right now I've made a simple summer dress/jumper for my little one.  I've had this brilliant tutorial saved from ikatbag - http :// and so here is my finished article.  The tutorial was amazing (though everything on the site is easy to follow) and so it only took an hour - I sense more of these are to come!

Thanks ikatbag, I can't wait to make a million of these leading up to summer!


  1. It looks lovely - what great fabric!

    Yes, of course you can add my blog. I can't promise that there'll be much inspiration from it, mind...

  2. Hi there! Thanks for inviting me here to see what you've done with your amazing fabric - it is so cute! The fabric is really, really nice. If I saw a garment in this fabric in some shop, I would surely buy it. My middle daughter, especially, would love it.

    And yes, I appreciate the link back to my blog. You didn't even need to ask - but it was very nice of you to!

    And I'm very excited for you that you've started your blog - it will be a very enjoyable (if time-consuming) undertaking, and I wish you much, much success in it!!!!

    P.S. I relate to your Dismal Rain feeling. We've had too long of a winter here and the grey skies and shadowlessness are just about doing me in. Let's count the days till spring/summer! Wheee!

  3. Thanks for your comments and support ladies, I apreciate it! I'll keep coming to you for inspiration and maybe sometime soon I'll have an epiphany and have some useful info/tutorials for you guys too!

  4. Hi Keri,
    I've tried that Ikatbag tutorial and found that it is so easy !! and you made it wonderfully with your great fabric

    Thank you so much for your nice comment on my sew-along. I've been upside-down in these past few days, so you might find that my latest post was kind of disturbing :D
    I'm alright now, and so happy seeing my link on your sidebar. Thank you so much *smoochies for Bella*


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