Friday, 25 February 2011

Bunny Adventures

I was in my favourite craft shop - Word of Mouth Crafts today when I had a great find - a vintage book called The Fairytale Doll Book by Valerie Janitch with patterns and great instructions on how to make dolls and bears.  The book was printed in 1988 so not 'millions of years' vintage but fitting in with the 'over 20 years old' categorisation that etsy use. 

I thought that something from this book could be my next slow burn project - usually I get an idea and am off making it within seconds but think this needs more consideration.  It's about 8 weeks to Easter so I'm thinking I will attempt to make my little girl an Easter Bunny. I'll try my best to post a tutorial about it but it may be quite lengthy and may not arrive until the bunny is finished but lets see how we do! 

One of her favourite tv characters is Fifi a little flowertot who has lots of gardening adventures who has a beloved soft toy rabbit called Cottonsocks so off I go trying to make my little one her very own Cottonsocks, wish me luck.


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