Saturday, 29 September 2012

100K Challenge Complete and a little SURPRISE!

This is the best blog post to write as I have finally finished my 100k Challenge and I have a little surprise.

Firstly, sorry for the last 3 runs all being blogged together but there's a couple of reasons.  One is that I've had issues with the internet not allowing me to upload pics to blogger, the other is a little interesting detail about times!

I did Huddersfield parkrun on 8th, 22nd and 29th of September and my times were 37:56, 39:45 and 37:58.  Anyone notice anything unusual?!?!?  Yes my times are far slower than my PB, getting slower every race and YES there is a reason!

At the end of July, 40k into my challenge, came the news we were least expecting! We were expecting! We couldn't believe it, a little miracle. So there's my surprise!


I can now tell you all how my 100k challenge really went!  At 40k we did the Chernobyl Challenge and even though I had a cold I had an amazing race, nearing that elusive sub 60 time.  After that we had our fabulous news and then the runs just went downhill.  I was still keeping up to my training for a good few weeks but found Idle Trail race impossible as I was so worried.  Worried I'd fall like many others around me, worried that whilst we were pregnant we didn't know it wasn't another ectopic, worried that I'd not get to the end, so all that made for a tough race. 

Next challenge came the Escrick 10k; the one in the blistering heat with people passing out.  "Whatever you do" said the DR "make sure you keep your pulse under 140 and don't overheat"! Ha Ha! I had to walk at times during that race because the heat was so intense.  At 1 hr 18 minutes (when I still wasn't back) Jonathan was thinking about running backwards through the course to find me, but fortunately there I was coming in at 1hr 20.

I've followed that up with the remaining 5k's, mostly at Huddersfield though other notable performance was at Littleborough where I was last! Actually, really, totally and utterly the last person back! How mortifying, because I couldn't tell anyone that I was the first pregnant woman back and I even won a bottle of wine that I couldn't drink for being last place! Ha Ha.  The Parkruns at Huddersfield have been a challenge as I've been really ill with nausea and sickness.  Given the run passes the bins and cafĂ© twice it's been fun!  As the more vigilant will see as well, my parkrun time has gone from 30 minutes to nearly 40 minutes.  Who would think such a little miracle could have such a big impact!

From not running a mile in January, to running nearly 200 miles by October, between training runs and the challenge.  I'm really proud that even though I've been so ill in early pregnancy I've dug in and carried on and finished, albeit slightly slower than I started.   It's time to hang up the running shoes now though I think.  The runs are getting increasingly challenging, I'm struggling to get my breath and feel like I've got a big bowl of heavy jelly in my tummy (that because of the sickness wants to escape) – definitely time to finish!  I'll start again next year sometime because I have enjoyed that running high and it's been a great way to get fit.

So that's it, the 100k challenge is complete; I can't believe I've done it.  If anyone still wants to sponsor me but hasn't had chance I'll be keeping my Virgin Money Giving page open for a short while.  Please feel free to visit, as any funds you give will be greatly appreciated by the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust.  In addition it's been lovely to be asked to write an entry for the Ectopic Trust Fundraiser Diary so feel free to pop over for a read.

I'll leave you with one last hilarious picture!  Today I was the Parkrun bunny (a runner who gets to dress up in mahoosive fluffy shorts complete with a pink tail and fluffy matching ears).  So here's my picture dressed up as the Bunny complete with baby Bunny on board.
Time for me to sit with my feet up for a little bit now, back to sewing updates soon.

Keri x

Monday, 3 September 2012

Busy Birthday Week

This week has been super busy with another 10k completed (2 runs), a little birthday break, a cocktail party and Scarecrows too!

The first run of the week was the Littleborough Lions 5k which was a lovely local race with quite small numbers (45) running but really friendly.  It wasn't too bad in that it was only 5k though there was quite a climb through mile 2 so that was a challenge.  It has to be said though that it was a lovely view that greeted me as I came down from Hollingworth Lake into Littleborough for the finish.  A not great but not awful time of 33:21 and I even won a spot prize of a bottle of wine!

We then had a lovely couple of days away for my birthday chilling out by the pool in the hotel and managing to squeeze in a little shopping too.

Friday night saw Jonathan and I do our first Freedom Parkrun at Huddersfield as we had a busy Saturday planned so I knew I'd struggle to make the Saturday Run.  The Freedom runs work on a system that if you have previously run at a Parkrun event then you are able to track your own time round the course and then have it recorded with your other results.  We both ran and decided it was great being able to still do the 5k run even though we weren't available Saturday but that without competition we were both a little slower (I ran it in 35:15).  That said to end the week with another 10k under my belt and only 15k to go is great.

Saturday was a busy day with stage class and a party for Bella then prep for our once a year cocktail party.  We had a fab night with friends and I finally got chance to wear my latest project from sewing class.

Then to wrap up my busy week we went along to the Norland Scarecrow Festival and then had a nice relaxed afternoon and family meal for my birthday.

Next run is the normal Huddersfield Parkrun on Saturday which will take me to 90K!  I can hardly believe that I'm nearly done!


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