Saturday, 31 March 2012

And the Winner is...........................

Drum Roll Please....................................................Jane!  I believe now the rafflecopter widget on the post should show this for validation but here's my pic of the screen too just so everyone know's it was fair.

Congratulations to Jane who chose to enter using all of the options and left a lovely comment about her favourite post:

"Loved Happy Holidays and Magic Disney Moments, love the dress and the idea that something can be made for a fraction of the shop bought cost"

The wonderful goodies will be in the post first thing Monday, I hope you enjoy them and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for entering. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more blog posts in the coming weeks (I've deliberately not posted since the giveaway so it was easy for you all to find it and enter)!

Thanks again for your support,


Friday, 2 March 2012

Giveaway - Bella Boutique Blog is 1!

Hi All,  sorry it's taken a couple of weeks to sort this giveaway out, my little one was poorly just after I announced it and so that caused a little delay but we are ready to go now so here's a look at the things you could be winning.

I really wanted this to be a giveaway which acknowledged others that I have met on my crafty journey, a giveaway that kept giving if you like, as I have bought items that will help to contribute their crafty success.

The first item is from the fabulously talented Caroline Lovis - Caroline has a blog over at Redneedle Sewing and helped me out with some sewing machine tutorials on the FME and Zipper machine feet.  I have selected for the giveaway a beautiful hanging heart from Caroline's collection with the word family on it. 

Next up is a beautiful needle case from the home of Pickle-Lily, it's made from the softest felt and has a super cute bird appliqued on it.  I have had wonderful support from Jo throughout my blogging days and I think if I recall Jo bought the very first item from my etsy shop.


Next gift in the giveaway is a stunning ring from the world of Chic-yCow - I met these ladies at a craft fair some time ago and am a massive fan.  Their products are such a high quality and massively original.  I had a beautiful bespoke handbag and purse made for Christmas, (in purple with butterflies -my favourite) and it easily stands out above anything else in my bag colletion (even the Mulberry and Louella ones) as totally unique.
Next up a little gift from one of my favourite suppliers - Crafty Ribbons - 1m of this beautiful butterfly ribbon, it's so delicate it's almost as fine as butterfly wings.  Crafty Ribbons have an amazing selection of ribbons and lots of buttons too plus a wonderfully inspiring blog.

I also wanted to give something from somewhere that's been really important during my sewing journey -  Word of Mouth Crafts and Supplies, where I have my sewing classes.  It's a great place full of inspiring products and fun classes. I have even been given the opportunity to run my own sewing machine feet class and have been assisting my super talented teacher Helen recently too.  This fabric catches my eye every time I visit, so I thought it would be good to include a FQ with the giveaway.   

I have met some lovely friends through the sewing classes and one has the prestigious title of Editor at Popular Patchwork, so to support her magazine, I'm also going to include the March issue.  The picture below has a preview of some the projects that are going to be included in that issue and the magazine is filled with useful articles and free patterns too.

Then finally I wanted to just include a couple of things that I liked - some wondeful mostly purple butterfly stickers and also some little nibbles for eating whilst you craft!  I particularly love the Mikado biscuits with their little biscuit part at the bottom, so you can eat whilst you sew and not risk getting chocolate on the fabric (yes I am officially crazy hey)! 

The giveaway is open from 1st to 31st March - so how do you enter I hear you ask?

I'm using Rafflecopter for the first time so you have the opportunity to get up to 6 entries by following the prompts in the rafflecopter box below (if you can't see it click on 'read more'- fingers crossed it all works ok or I could be counting lots of entries on 31st March!

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