About Me

Bella-Boutique was created following the arrival of our daughter, Isobella.  Whilst looking for beautiful gifts for Isobella and her friends I decided that I would put my sewing machine to good use to create some items which I knew they would love.  Following requests from friends and family and having sourced a couple of local boutiques who would also be interested, Bella Boutique was born.

Each item is lovingly handmade with care and attention to detail and so whilst they may not have perfect straight stitching like mass produced items, I can guarantee that (just like children) each one is beautiful and unique!
I use a range of fabrics both pastel and bright colours and as well as modern prints I also have some limited edition items made from vintage and repurposed fabrics.

What makes Bella Boutique special is that it can’t be found in big high street stores.  I sell through local small boutiques in the villages around our home town in Yorkshire and can also be found at craft fairs. 

In searching for inspiration for Bella-Boutique I stumbled upon a million blogs that were amazing.  After a short time wanting to join in a chance spell of Tonsillitis left me sat with a few spare hours and hence here I am!  I hope you enjoy and look forward to your comments.


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