Thursday, 28 July 2011

Overlocking Foot

Here's my short and sweet tutorial on my overlocking foot.  This creates a lovely tidy raw edge and gives homemade items a professional finish.

 Don't forget you will need to find the right setting on your machine
 and change your tension before you start to sew
So many feet so little time.  Coming up next ..................I guess I need to go away and work out which foot to show you next!

Happy Sewing


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Rolled Hem Foot!

So next in my set of machine feet tutorials is the rolled hem foot.  This creates a lovely teeny tiny hem which is great for hems on children's clothing, perfect for sleeves and a lovely finish on napkins and tablecloths.

Hope all makes sense but if anyone has questions as always please feel free to contact me!

Coming up next the overlocking foot.


Thursday, 21 July 2011

Here it is then, my tutorial for the baby bag as promised.  It definately felt like quite a big project to condense into 15 pictures, so please excuse me if I've missed out some little details but I'm hoping you'll ask if you have any questions or anything isn't clear.

What you will need
44" x 60" Outer Fabric - Strong, hardwearing fabric such as cotton duck or canvas
44" x 60" Lining - Any lining fabric of your choice
22" x 37" Pocket Fabric - accent fabric in good quality cotton
Elastic for the top of the pockets (35cm x 3 and 5cm x 3)
2m of 40mm webbing
1 x 40mm bag slide
1 x 40mm rectangle ring
Buttons or Velcro (as closure so depends on your preference)

Measure out on the wrong side of your fabric a shape as below (at 29" my bag was quite wide, I would be tempted to make it approx 25" wide)

Cut out 6 pockets from your accent fabric:
  • 3 x 11" x 8" - to make smaller side panel pockets
  • 3 x 11" x 29" - to make the long pockets on the side of the bag

 Next step is to create your boxed corners on the smaller (end panel) pockets

Fix your pockets to the outer of the bag.  The outer will have pockets on all 4 sides (inner will only have 2 pockets)

Create a top flap for the bag, I made mine 29" wide x 10" deep, long enough to enclose within the bag, cover over the 4" depth and close over the front of the bag

Phew, that was a long one, I hope it all makes sense but please contact me if you have any questions or anything is wrong in order that I can either provide more information or correct my notes!

Finally, thanks for reading!


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Baby Bag Tutorial Coming Soon

I'm conscious that at this time of year I find it hard to do anything other than sew sew sew either for my own family or in preparation for craft/school/church fairs so the blogging has been a little quiet, apologies.  This post is just to let you know there is a tutorial on it's way soon to make this (apologies for the sideways pic, it always looks the correct orientation when I upload):

It's a fab baby bag that I have made for one of my friends with millions and millions of pockets (oh ok 12 pockets but that's quite a few)!

Off I pop now, lots more sewing to do before my next craft fair on Saturday!


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