Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Rolled Hem Foot!

So next in my set of machine feet tutorials is the rolled hem foot.  This creates a lovely teeny tiny hem which is great for hems on children's clothing, perfect for sleeves and a lovely finish on napkins and tablecloths.

Hope all makes sense but if anyone has questions as always please feel free to contact me!

Coming up next the overlocking foot.



  1. Oh I do love these tutorials - genuinely interesting. You're costing me a small fortune

  2. Ha ha! I was so lucky in that when I got my Janome it came with millions of feet included! One that I've been experimenting with lately is the free motion embroidery one but I'm wondering (if you were feeling inspired) whether you fancied a doing a guest blog post for me as you are far more talented than I in that field!? I need to cover all of the feet I have as I'm co-hosting a sewing workshop on machine feet so help from an expert would be greatly welcomed!

  3. i have one of these for my old girl (i call her that cos i have a newer machine too.) i've tried it but made a total hash of it. Think i'll have to try again, liking the secure the start bit, may help, cheers :)


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