Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Craft Fairs

So here's where I'm hoping for some help from fellow bloggers - as spring begins to arrive I turn my mind to the wonderful world of craft fairs.  I attended a couple of little ones in Autumn to test the water and I'm thinking of trying a few more over spring/summer.  I've tried to make bright colourful items that will be visually appealing and priced them really fairly - any other hints and tips?


  1. Ahhh - craft fairs. I have not dipped my toes into those waters...yet. Thought about it, but always seems like so much pre-work, just to end up haggling over prices. NOt sure if I am cut out for it. Good luck, your booth looks amazing to me from the picture!!!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments! Well you are right about the pre-work for the first one I 'sewed for England' getting ready but I was lucky in that I had no-one query the prices at all. I guess in the UK it's not as common to have hand made things and is quite in fashion at the moment so if anything people said my prices were quite low, maybe have to look to an increase ha ha!


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