Thursday, 14 April 2011

Cute as a Button

Today I have a guest blog post on the UK based 'The Sewing Directory' Blog. You can pop there to view it in it's full form but below are a couple of excerpts.

The Sewing Directory has asked for guest bloggers to help with tips and techniques and so (as I have been sewing plenty of buttonholes and buttons lately) I thought it might be helpful to pass on my technique and also some links to others who have great skills in creating them by hand also! I am by no means an expert, but hopefully can pass on some of the hints and tips I have learned and condense some of the information that is out there about the different types of buttonhole you can create.

When opening my machine from the box I felt completely overwhelmed with the multitude of attachments that arrived and so have been slowly learning the techniques required to make the best use of them. One particular attachment was a sliding buttonhole foot! I didn’t have a clue what to do with this but my instruction book was quite clear so if you have a foot that looks like picture 1 below here are my ten easy tutorial steps to help you sew a buttonhole:

Step 1 - First you will need to look for a setting that looks something like picture 2 below. Most modern machines will have some kind of setting that helps with buttonholes but don’t worry if yours doesn’t, just skip to the bottom of my post and there are some useful links for creating a buttonhole on a machine without a specific setting and also by hand.
Picture 1                               Picture 2

Step 2 - Following your sewing machine instructions affix the sliding buttonhole foot and thread your machine as you would for usual sewing.

Step 3 - Measure your buttonhole on your fabric. I usually do this by putting my button on the fabric (next to where I want the buttonhole to be) and drawing an I shape the size of the button.

As promised I have also included some links at the foot of this post for a number of other buttonhole related articles such as how to create a buttonhole by hand and how to create a buttonhole on a machine that doesn’t have a specific setting

I hope these are useful and you find the steps above leave you feeling brave enough to have a go- Good Luck

That's it as a teaser for now!!! To view the rest of the post please visit The Sewing Directory to view! I promise that I will eventually post the whole post here but I wanted to be fair and allow people to view it at the guest site first!
Knitted buttonhole -
Normal Buttonhole and corded buttonhole -

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