Sunday, 10 April 2011

Beautiful Butterfly Projects

One of the reasons I first started sewing was to create beautiful things for my little girl so it was great this week to see some of my early projects come to fruition.  We have just begun to sort out her 'big girl' bedroom and with that came a wealth of opportunity for great fun decor projects.

Project 1 - Curtains - I couldn't find matching curtains to co-ordinate with her bedding so as one of my early sewing projects I made her some blackout lined curtains from an additional bedding set.

Project 2 - Cushion with pom pom trim - I used one side of the patterned pillowcase to make a cushion and used some great pom pom trim that I had been keeping for just the perfect project.
Project 3 - Pinless Noticeboard/Hairclip board - This was also made from the other side of the pillowcase

Project 4 - Felt 3D Letters - I have had this tutorial saved for felt letters from made by rae's blog so this is my attempt and by goodness are they fiddly, think it's worth it though!
Project 5 - Height Chart - The felt letters inspired me to make this height chart.  It was chance for me to have another go at using the monogram function on my new machine and I purchased fab sparkly purple thread especially for the occasion.

Back to making Craft fair stock now I have done my bit of indulgent Mummy sewing!


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