Friday, 8 April 2011

Bella Boutique on Etsy and Facebook

I finally decided to pause the sewing for just a short while so I could set up my etsy shop and get some of my items on there and also begin to sort the Bella Boutique Facebook page.

Feel free to browse through but please be patient as this is an ongoing process and will take just a short while to get everything loaded.

Happy Shopping



  1. Congratulation Keri !
    (for both the etsy shop & FB page)

    I will add you on my Etsy circle ^^

  2. Hi Dewi

    Thanks for this, I've added you also. Did you see my earlier post about the Sewn With Love Dress. I finally made it! Well nearly it just needs hemming. I still have the post to complete about the skirt but I'm on with it! How did your dress turn out?


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