Sunday, 10 June 2012

An Amazing Act of Kindness

This post is a long awaited Thank you to an amazing person and a post to also restore your faith in humankind.

So what may you ask has happened to initiate this post!  A rare act of amazing kindness from someone who doesn't even know me and one for which I can't even express my gratitude enough.  It has also been real proof that if you do a kind deed for others it will be repaid  - only in my case it was a few little good deeds that were repaid in a massive way.   Lets give you a little background.................

I have posted before about post pals the wonderful charity that asks volunteers to send post to children who are really ill and their siblings.  Among some of the post I send I also send little feeding tube pads which have an overlocked edge - a nice way to use my sewing skills to help others.  A while ago I applied for one of the much publicised enterprise nation grants as I have wanted to have an overlocker, to help make these pads more professional, but don't have the funds available.

The scheme is on the face of it a great little help but has been a victim of it's own success because the high level of applicants now means that each month there was only a tiny window of opportunity for people to vote for your idea.  I feared it may take a long time to get the funding but even so had asked friends, family and the Post Pals families if they would try to vote for me.

This is where the amazing act of kindness comes in.  A fellow Post Pals volunteer shared the details of my grant idea to ask her friends and family for support.  In an amazing act of generosity, her Sister offered me a spare overlocker she had to put me on, until such time arrives that I either have all of the funds myself or obtain the grant.  Lets replay that - Someone who has NEVER met me, gave me an overlocker! WOW!  How thoughtful for the fellow volunteer to share my request for support and how amazing for her Sister to respond in such a selfless way.

This is amazing, to think that someone who has never met me would just give me something like this really shows that if you show a little kindness and generosity to others it will be repaid somehow.   I can't thank this lady enough as the overlocker is so much better than struggling to do the button pads on my domestic machine.  Once I've mastered the trickery of corners on an overlocker then you can all be assured that a great big batch of feeding tube pads will be on their way to some very special children!

So, kind generous overlocker donating Lady, A Million Thank You's! I hope that by sharing this with those who read my blog it will restore a little faith in the fact that good things do happen and that there are some truly generous people out there!



  1. How great is that!!! Fabulous news. Have a good week. Jo x

  2. Karma is a wonderful thing! I really do think that what goes around, comes around. If we all passed on little kindnesses it would make a huge difference to the world. Thanks for commenting on my blog and for your support, if you can't find a penguin, a donation towards the postage of the penguins would be just as much appreciated. By the way, I finally got a job the other day (have been looking for one for about a year now, call me an old hippy, but I think karma had something to do with it. So nice to read your story, and you sound like a very kind soul, as does the lady who gave you the overlocker. PostPals is such a great charity isn't it. I saw something on the TV about them a while ago and was looking for some way to support them, penguins was all I could think of, lol! ;O) Nice to meet you. xxx


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