Tuesday, 15 May 2012

While I wasn't blogging.......

I was crazily sewing........................Oh dear, a month without blogging what can I say! Sorry!!!

I have been so manic as I have been trying to manage making up orders, along with trying my best to sew up a Summer wardrobe for my little one! I also have been teaching a couple of 1 to 1 sewing lessons, wrapping up my day job to take some leave over Summer and my Dad has been quite ill, so I've become very familiar with the local hospital.

I know I had a time like this before last Christmas where I'm so busy creating that I never get time to post about it.  So, until I have time to put in a proper post (I'm thinking of a tutorial for the bubble dress and shorts outfit pictured below) here is a sneak peek of what I've been up to.  This is just the sewing for my little girl, on top of this I've made 2 maxi dresses for myself along with a simple summer top a cool A-line skirt and I'm soon to finish a fab summer dress too.  As soon as I can get 5 minutes without me looking harassed and my hubby is free to photograph I'll pop some photos on too.


I'll be back soon I promise with some more posts!

Happy Sewing



  1. We missed you! Your model looks fabulous in her outfits, you are avery clever lady! Hope your Dad is better and any news on the grant you went for?
    Jo x

  2. Thanks for your comments! Dad is stable but not great still though he's out of hospital so that's a relief! Regarding the grant see my latest blog post! I think that Enterprise Nation got a little too popular and with so many people wanting small grants these were fulfilled thus eating up the funds available and meaning it's going to take a lot of months to secure the votes I need. The other added complication it that they seem to have run out of funds for now :o(. Oh well it ended kind of well for me in the short term as you'll see when you read my post!


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