Friday, 15 June 2012

100k Challenge for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust

Today I'm doing a slight diversion from my usual crafty Blog Posts, which will be the first of a series of posts on a challenge I have set myself to run 100k timed runs/races by the end of 2012!
I have started to run (ha ha as if, I mean jog) this year with the plan to do a sponsored run for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust who gave us amazing support last year. 

When I started, given that I had to 'run a lamp post, walk a lamp post' to even run a mile, I had thought I'd work up to asking for sponsorship for a 10 kilometre race.  I then had an idea, as this week I noticed that I'd nearly reached 100k of training runs.  How about I make it more of a challenge worth sponsoring and aim for 100k of runs rather than just 10k!

So, a little research later and it appears it might be possible, though not all at once obviously!  I'm planning on doing ten 5K runs and five 10K runs between now and the end of the year.  There is a local timed 5k run (Parkrun) which I can do regularly (started today - start as you mean to go on) then I've begun to register for local 10k events (first one next week - Staveley Stampede 24th June).

To keep it all official - I'll have an Ectopic Trust Sponsorship Form and will be wearing their official running top for each run. I've also set up a Virgin Giving page directly linked to the Ectopic Trust so that people have the option of sponsorship online as well.  As the 100k will be made up of 5k timed runs and 10k races they will all be recorded so that I can publish the times (I'll not be breaking Olympic records).  I also intend to write a blog post after each run/race giving details and I'm sure some likely embarassing photographic proof. 

If you'd like to know more about the difference that even £5 makes to the Ectopic Trust then you can visit their site here.  I'll also be creating a special craft item for sale with the majority of proceeds going to the Ectopic Trust but I'll save that for a crafty post!

So 100k by the end of the year!  Crazy challenge maybe, but one which I'm committed to as you'll see from the 100k Challenge - First Stage Post'!


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