Sunday, 5 February 2012

New Year, New Organised Start

Those who know me well would probably use the word 'organised' as one of the three to describe me but to look at how my sewing room had 'developed' I'm not sure that word applied in my creative life! 
I had seen various posts where people had been busy organising all their fabric and so in the back of my mind (filled with envy at what couple be) I planned to have a go at a tidy up once the crazy Christmas crafting had ended. 

So here's our starting point!  2 storage units doing their best to contain my ever increasing stash.  Kind of tidy but what you can't see is that each little box (which was at least sorted by fabric colour) is bursting at the seams with fabric stuffed in.  No hope of really knowing what's in the boxes, plus a whole tonne of stuff down the side!  All of my lovely ribbons were exploding out of their little shoebox!


So I tackled the ribbons first, wrapping them round some lolly sticks then storing them in tall glass jars.  I can now see each colour much more clearly and it's not a big tangled mess of ribbon all in knots!

I had some time ago seen a fab tutorial on mini fabric bolts and felt this was the way to go for the fabrics.  With the help of some comic backing boards bought from local comic store (Legacy Comics) in the lovely Piece Hall in Halifax, I've made some wonderful fabric mini bolts which I love.  I couldn't believe how many different fabrics I have amassed - loving my Aneela Hoey stash!


A little more organisation of buttons, fastenings and boxes for tools like the Big Shot and my KAM snap pliers and all was complete, bliss!

I think reading other posts from fellow bloggers the New Year has been a good start for people sorting out their crafty spaces.  Feel free to comment if you have any great tips or ideas you would like to share.

Happy Sewing


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