Monday, 13 February 2012

Coming Soon - 1st Birthday Giveaway

As February has arrived, so too has my first anniversary of blogging.  A whole year full of crafty ramblings, about 70 posts and plenty of information about machine feet.

I thought it may be time to celebrate with another giveaway and am going to be sharing lots of lovely goodies with one winner.  I have in mind some butterfly themed gifts, some paper (in line with the whole 1st Wedding Anniversary suggestions) and some chocolate goodies plus I'm sure some fabric/habadashery notions too.  I'm planning on buying some items for my giveaway from fellow crafters that I have met along the way over the past year so it's like the giveaway that keeps on giving!

Photos coming soon, just waiting to recieve the items I've ordered then we'll be off and running.  Keep popping back for details but I hope to launch the giveaway in the next week.

Happy Sewing



  1. must remember to pop back next week! chocolate is a big big lure!!!

  2. Looking forward to this! Happy belated birthday to Bella - love her pressie.
    Jo x


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