Sunday, 12 February 2012

Bella's Birthday Craft Extravaganza

There's nothing quite like seeing the sheer joy on your little one's face and knowing that in some part you have done something to create that joy.   Here is Bella enjoying her 3rd Birthday Present - lovingly handmade.

Another year has passed and my little girl is now 3!  Where did time go, it passes far too quickly.  Three years ago we were waiting for our little precious arrival and now I have a chatty little toddler who know's what she likes and wants and is more than happy to tell us.  She has a great personality and is such a busy little bee from morning til bedtime.  We have had a wonderful weekend of celebrations with family and her little friends.

This year's Birthday project was a little less ambitious than last years crazy Birthday make, but again one that hubby and I could both contribute to - a little shop all of her very own.

Typically, the initial design that Hubby drew ended up with a small amount of scope creep, with ideas of storage for all of those books, jigsaws and musical instruments we have.  Once size and scope was agreed, Hubby yet again surpassed himself and created a shop that anyone would be proud of.  Her shop is complete with slanted shelves to display her products and blackboard signs for prices and her little Bella Boutique sign.

Add in a crazy week of making felt food (we realised we had very little to stock the shop with) and there you have it, 1 happy shopkeeper, priceless!


Happy Birthday Bella!

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