Thursday, 4 August 2011

Diamond Day

Today is a very special day, it's my Nan and Grandad's Diamond Wedding Anniversary.    I found an amazing lady who hand paints glass at one of the craft fairs I have done lately.  Mollie Cherry (aka GlassGran) is very talented and has painted this beautiful vase for them with their wedding dates on.  I bet they are going to love it and Bella has picked some lovely flowers to go in it for them. 


I thought this seemed like a good opportunity to practice some more FME and created this little memento for them.

We are also having a big family party (we counted about 150 people when we were planning the invitations) which gives me the chance to wear this little dress that I made in Sewing Class from this pattern (pics to follow) and Bella will be wearing the Sewn With Love Dress that I also made.   A real handmade day!

I'm off now to see two special people who have been together for 60 years, wow!



  1. I know it's a bit random commenting on your own post but just have to say that I gave my pressies this morning and my Nan was so touched with them that she cried! Grandad was v impressed with the FME and Nan LOVES her vase and kept hugging it saying 'I Love it, I Love it' - Priceless!

  2. I'm not surprised! Your FME is great and it and the vase will be so personal to them, treasured keepsakes x


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