Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Happy Holidays and Magic Minnie Moments


So.....I've been missing for a while and that's because we were off having a few days relaxing in France followed by a few days of Disney Mania!  We took our little girl for her first visit to Disneyland Paris and she loved it!  In my impulsive madness a couple of days before we left I decided it would be a good idea to make a Minnie Dress!  Crazy me!  I felt sure there would be a simple tutorial somewhere but no I couldn't find one so off I went on my crazy mission following a full circle skirt pattern for the bottom, a bodice copied from one of her dresses, a bizarre collar that sooooooo didn't work out (I'll be re-doing that as it drove me mad all day it not being perfect) and some lovely ribbon.  I think it turned out ok in the end and was glad when she was jumping and rolling around getting dirt all over it that it cost me just a few pounds not the £45 price tag of the very very similar (but more perfect) ones in the shops there!

I'll be back with a sensible sewing post soon but for now just thought I'd indulge myself in a lovely family memory of my little girls first meeting with her idol!

Happy Sewing


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