Friday, 18 March 2011

Label Love

How exciting, I have now officially sold 180 products through the craft fairs, well that's how many labels I have used!  I tentatively ordered 36 at first which I soon realised wasn't enough so I ordered 144 more and now, with the sale of the latest batch of bibs and bandanas I'm all out again.

I researched various views from crafts people and lots seem to have ordered from an etsy shop,  Fancy Weaver in Hong Kong - I guess it's a little risk to take but the feedback is positive and isn't that surely the benefit of having etsy there, that like minded people use and provide feedback on the sellers!  So I'm being brave and going for 600!

I have had great fun with the support of my (more technically minded) Hubby designing my labels as I've had basic craft labels until now - how exciting!  I'd re-designed my banner for the blog and also the website so I've utilised that design and it's great that I've been able to add on care instructions and a link to the website - more advertising and at half the price of the usual labels (8p each instead of 16.6p)!

I'll post pictures of the labels when they arrive then if anyone else is interested they can see the genuine article for themselves.

Signing off for now, sleep is calling!

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