Saturday, 25 August 2012

More Parkrun Fun

Today I was back at the good old Huddersfield Parkrun and for once it wasn't red hot!  Didn't seem to help my time of 33:24 but it was nice to run on a damp day after last week.  Feeling a bit defeated about how sporadic the timing can be but then I've looked at the stats for the top 2/3 guys who are reasonably consistent and super fast and their times can vary by 1-3 minutes so maybe that's just how it goes!

These next few updates are likely to be short and sweet as apart from the Littleborough 5k on Tuesday the remaining runs for my challenge will be Parkruns so no lowdown on the route etc.  Nearly there now with 3/4 of the runs completed.

I'll leave you with the usual results evidence along with a lovely picture of my glowing complexion, whats that phrase, women don't sweat they glisten!! is me 'glistening' like a shiny tomato! Ha Ha!



  1. And what a lovely shiny tomato you make too! Hehe!

  2. Ah sorry I meant to write this in my previous post but forgot as I have no memory!
    Can you please post the details of your sponsorship site again? I know I could scroll back through your posts to find it, but Im being lazy!
    Thank you. XxX


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