Sunday, 15 July 2012

Chernobyl Challenge

Today saw a very sniffly family Wood journey over to Preston ready for the Chernobyl Challenge 10k.
I felt like I was coming down with a cold yesterday and have a strange foot arch niggle so didn't have high expectations of the race but the sponsorship keeps me committed so (with lots of whinging from me) we set off.

It was a late planned race with us only entering 5 days ago when we realised that other commitments meant the Harrogate 10k next week was a no go.  I'm keen to stay on track with the runs so wanted to get another 10k under my belt hence the road trip.

The reviews on Runners World said it was a nice undulating course and by comparison to Rochdale it was flat really, with only 2 notable inclines which were both for no more than 30 seconds.  It was a lovely race, plenty of shade to balance out the periods of sun (how is it in the wettest summer ever, every time I race it's red blumin hot)!

I noticed from my watch that I'd done a 9 minute first mile then 10, 11 and 12 minutes for miles 2, 3 and 4 respectively so felt pleased on the way round that even with a cold I'd still be back not too long after an hour.  Mile 5 was hard but that's when I pull out the thoughts that every step forward is a step towards raising the funds for the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust and that usually gives me enough willpower to keep going (there's always a few that seem to flag and walk at this point).  I was so pleased to see the 6 mile sign and with a little sprint was greeted with Hubby (finished in 50:04), Bella and My Mum (who watched Bella while we raced).

I was given a lovely little medal and most importantly some water and was told that the race results would be available in 10 minutes so we hung around.  How pleased I was to see that I'd finished the race in 1:03:56 and 12 positions from the end rather than my usual 8!  Brilliant, even faster than last two, which is great considering how ill I'd felt.  Perhaps instead of red bull, all runners should consider Beechams powders as a preparatory drink!

A couple of weeks training now and then the Idle Trail Race hopefully on 29th July which will take my challenge to the half way point of 50k.

Oh and here's the usual before and after shots......

Before - The Ectopic Trust kindly sent Jonathan a T-Shirt to wear when he comes along to support me.
Me looking very pleased with the printout of the results and my new PB!  Getting closer to that 1 hour mark but who know's whether I'll get there!  I'll keep on trying!


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  1. Keri I'm so impressed with your grit & determination! Keep up the good work! You sound really on a roll - that is a great time anytime, but to think you were harbouring a cold - fantastic!!!


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