Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Makes

Now that all of the presents have been given I can share a few pictures of my Christmas makes!

I posted earlier about the Christmas Dress I made for my little girl but then for some strange crazy reason I decided to make some more for friends daughters too!


My brother asked for a draught excluder and though he'd shown me a pic of a simple snake I decided that as they had just got a new puppy I'd try to make a dog one!  Much hilarity ensued at sewing class as after many alterations (with no pattern I had much fun trying to make the dog face the right shape) I produced something that was neither a snake nor a dog - Sewing class christened this a 'snog'!

I made some little belly button pads for Post Pals children who are fed by feeding tubes and sent quite a few of my Christmas clips to the children too:


The final projects were using some fab wood print fabric bought from Fabric Shoppe on etsy to make work aprons for my wonderful hubby and daughter and some bunting using more fabric from Fabric Shoppe and the gingerbread cutter on my big shot!

And then last thing on Christmas eve I was busy converting the neckline of a dress I'd bought for Christmas day (sorry for grainy phone pic).  It was high, round necked and not very flattering so I gathered for a much nicer neckline.

I'll leave you with my latest fun adventures in crafting - glass etching! I etched this glass at the
Hobbycrafts show - a fun first attempt at a glass for Santa etched with his name and some holly - look out for more of this in 2012 as Bella Boutique launches some Wedding focussed products.

So that's why I disappeared in December! Drowing under Bella Boutique orders from lovely customers and making lots of wonderful crafts for Christmas.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas,



  1. Brilliant you were so busy! Lovely makes. I have given you a Liebster Blog award in my post today.
    Happy New Year
    Jo x

  2. What lovely little dresses. I bet the little girls were thrilled with them. lol at the 'snog' I think he looks sweet.


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