Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Quick Hello

Just wanted to post a quick message to say I haven't disappeared, I'm still busy as ever with Christmas fairs and making Christmas presents!  Here's a little picture as promised of my little one in her 'Christmas Dress' she had such fun twirling and playing with the little Christmas tree prop and as always the pictures by Dale from DRWPhotographics were amazing.

Off to do more sewing now, having a real challenge as my machine has had a fault and so I'm working on an old singer machine that my friend has lent me (lifesaver).  It has really taught me how much I depend on all of the features my new machine has and those wonderful machine feet!!  Oh well that's for another post!

Happy Sewing, Keri

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  1. Glad it's all going so well, having an old singer myself I am blissfully ignorant of the joys of a modern machine, I'm sure that will change though. Lovely pic of your daughter


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